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Comments Policy

We love comments and appreciate the time that readers take to share ideas and give feedback. Thank you to all!


Be honest, respectful, and know why you say what you say. Share meaning, opinion, and critique openly and honestly.


Firstly: NO POLITICS. No commentary of anything of political nature will be allowed. PERIOD. The work shared on this website and the conversation generated should transcend the evanescent life of political figures and their voices. If you want to quote some dead political figure in a way that fosters the current conversation, then that may, perhaps, can be considered.

Secondly: NO RELIGION. Ok, you may express a religious quote if you make it clear why it is meaningful to you. A bare naked quote from any religious text without a reference to its meaning to you will promptly find its way to the dumpster. Art and religion are all about meaning to the individual. I have had religious experiences incorporated into my art and visa versa. But they are about me and not the structure of the universe or statements of a universal moral code. Be humble about your expressed religious ideas. Religious humility starts with the realization that by far many more people in the world have been killed or beaten over religious ideas than for any other reason.

Lastly: We reserve the right to remove any comments from the site. So please leave comments that are respectful and useful and honestly considered, even if you disagree with something. Our art is filled with emotion, yet too much emotion in conversation often derails the usefulness of that discourse. We want all of our comments to be as helpful as possible to all of the readers and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and honest opinion. Being honest is being helpful. We don't care if others don't like your opinion. But disagreements should lead to thoughtful discourse and not become derogatory or lead to name-calling. Those latter posts will find their way to the dumpster before you can hit the send button.

Be thoughtful about your writing. If you don't like something or disagree with an idea, say so, but also say why. No one learns from comments like, "I don't like your images." or "Those opinions (or ideas) are wrong."

I have frequently learned from comments that were given in honest conversation that brought me to the realization of the painful truth about what was said. Someone's honest reply to a picture or post should be taken as that...an honest response and not a character assassination, even if there is a "painful" aspect about it.

Moving on, we will remove or prevent those comments that contain:

Harassing comments: While conversation, honest critique, and the sharing of different ideas is encouraged, all comments need to be respectful towards all on the site. If comments are derogatory or purposefully inflammatory, they will be removed.

Anonymous comments: We only accept comments from people who identify themselves. A name and valid email address is required.

Promotional comments: If a comment is solely promotional in nature, we will remove it from the site.

Also please take note of the following statements.

All rights are reserved: For any comment, we reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark it as spam. We also reserve the right to block any IP address that violates this comment policy from commenting, subscribing, or accessing terrygipsonphotography.com.

Links: If you must include a link in your comment, please be aware that your comment will be reviewed first and may not be approved for posting. Be patient. Relevant links that contribute to the conversation will be approved. Obvious attempts to promote your business, gain backlinks, traffic, or other types of self-promotion are not allowed. Please promote yourself by contributing to the current conversation. If you have a personal or professional web presence, directing others to that site after your name as a single link is fine, as long as it is clear that you are first contributing or starting a conversation and not primarily marketing yourself.

Liability: By posting a comment, you agree that your contribution is your own and that you take responsibility for it. You agree to hold terrygipsonphotography.com, all post authors, and other commenters harmless.

Copyright: If we receive authentic notice that a comment is in violation of anyone’s copyrighted information, the comment will be deleted and the commenter may be blocked from posting comments in the future.

Spam: Don’t do it. Any comment deemed as spam will be deleted and marked as spam. If you repeatedly post spam, your IP address will be blacklisted from accessing terrygipsonphotography.com.

Privacy: You need to provide an authentic, verified email address to post a comment on terrygipsonphotography.com and receive comment subscriptions. We will never publish your personal information on the blog or elsewhere. Accordingly, do not share private information within your comments. We may delete phone numbers, email addresses, or any other private or personal information to protect the affected party.

Patience: If you follow this comment policy, your comment should be posted. Please be patient while we moderate our conversations to ensure the best experiences for our site visitors.

Finally here are some examples of types of comments that will ensure your failure to communicate and a rapid trip to the dumpster, on terrygipsonphotography.com:

You don’t use your real first name or email address

There are keywords and/or your business name in the name field of the comment form

Comments that demonstrate you didn’t read, watch, or listen to the content

Comments that simply restate or repeat information from the article and don’t carry the conversation forward

Off-topic personal or professional rants

Threats to us or other visitors

Any form of defamation

Racist or obscene nastiness

Violation of anyone’s copyright, trademark, or other legal rights.

Promotions about and/or links back to your product, service, or latest venture, unless cleared by the staff at terrygipsonphotography.com

If you have any questions on the commenting policy, please let us know.