Artist's Statement

I am a fine art landscape photographer. The result of my work is a fine art print. What happens between capture and print defines my art.

I share an intimacy with the world in which we live. I do not go into nature with a preconceived idea of what I want to capture and show. Instead each field session is unique and spontaneous. I share the raw and uncensored experience of living on this planet and returning with a unique experience. Nothing in my work is rehearsed.

My art is also an exploration of my own creative life. I am a person with artistic qualities that has spend most of my life in the non-artistic world. In part my work is a recovery of the artistic qualities within. My writings share reflections on my life's experiences and work. Writing about my art has become as important as producing my art.

My art is deliberately manipulated to express what I see and feel. What I see through the camera meets my soul's response. In the midst of this process emerges my art.

I transform the world through an entirely digital process, and I share it in print.

I roam the world, inspired by a silent love of life, to see what is most meaningful and compelling to me as an artist and fellow traveler. The experience of our world’s beauty is without and beyond words. It can be seen without having to put words to it. That is what I strive to express in my work…the wordless experience yearning for expression.

I do not know what more one can say about this love of life, except that there is within me a desire to share it as a tangible print. In that sharing comes the fulfillment of my love of this world and my life within it.

What I bring back to share from this complex journey is a simple, photographic print. Yet within each print there holds a complexity of time and experience that cannot be expressed otherwise.

As always I can be reached at for questions, ideas, or feedback.