The Artist's Process

My work involves a completely digital workflow.

I capture all my images with a digital camera using the highest quality lenses I can afford.

At present I use a Hasselblad and Canon system (with Hasselblad, Canon, and Zeiss lenses) for tripod work and a Fuji system (with Fujinon and Zeiss lenses) and iPhone for handheld work.

Creativity begins in my time in the field. I may use bracketing in high contrast scenes to create an HDR image. I may capture multiple overlapping images to later be woven into a larger collage. Sometimes I bracket and stitch images.

I religiously back up a photo session’s images to 2-3 off-camera storage drives as soon as possible when I return from a field session. I have local, off-site, and cloud storage of all my images.

I use Adobe Lightroom to import and evaluate images from a field session to determine which ones will be further developed. I rank the images, and then finish processing in Photoshop and Lightroom. I save the final image as a master file of various sizes. These files have been optimized for printing.

Most evaluations of my field work occur over a period of months of re-evaluating and culling down to the few I will present.

The final master files are saved on a print server. I print from Lightroom or ImagePrint using Epson printers. For those sizes and products that are beyond my capability, I use a custom printer, with whom I have worked and who understands my desires.

As always I can be reached at for questions, ideas, or feedback.