About Me

Here I am a photographic artist. In the rest of life I am a physician.

I am essentially a technologist in medicine, who has resurrected a creative life in photography.

In my earlier years I worked on stained glass and had a hand at drawing. But those times became submerged in the years of development of my profession and years of working on developing a living.

Later I became interested in the culinary arts and presented family and friends with meals created only for those familiar with the haute cuisine. I brought the rarefied cuisine of those most fortunate to those I cared about the most. I continued this creative path for over 25 years.

I then explored sailing, in which I never developed the proficiency I desired. I was an adequate sailor but not the one I desired. I will never forget nor yearn for the wind in my sails.

I had an inkling of artistic interest in photography in my teen years, yet I never liked the dark room. So my interest in film photography faded. I also became discouraged when seeing what I had captured with my camera cost me $6.45 for a roll of 36! That was a lot of money for a college student in the early 1970's!

In the late 1990's I developed an interest in digital photography. I became fascinated with the opportunity to take all the pictures I wanted without costing me any more to see them. After years of being the family photographer, I felt I wanted to make my photography an art. How this would play out took more than 15 years.

Initially I thought I could learn what I wanted from the internet. All that effort produced was images that looked like everyone else's' images. I knew I needed to learn how to express myself in my photography but didn't know how.

Since I had not gone to school for photography or the arts, I joined several local camera clubs in the hopes of developing my work. Unfortunately their guidance was based on a competitive model of art. Those who presented the best work according to the current judge were awarded the meaningful feedback. The rest of us were thrown into the "has been" pile. I learned nothing in my months of participation.

Somewhat fortuitously I came across Alain Briot, who posted an article that stated that art should never be competitive. I was drawn by his statement and attended one of his workshops. Later I became convinced that an artist must follow only one instructor, rather than all those on the internet. I realized I needed personal feedback about my work and progress as an artist.

Since then I have devoted myself to following Alain's course of study and development.

I continue to remain in contact with Alain for counsel and guidance in my artistic journey.

I find it immensely enlivening to remain in contact with other artists like Alain and others I have met along the way. This is a path I could not have followed without their help.

contemplating the universe

contemplating the universe or perhaps the Painted Desert

desert selfie

desert seflie II (or perhaps an ancient pictograph of one of the Ancient Ones)

Zabriskie Point

Photography at any cost!

My place in the universe.

What I do waiting for the light to change...

Print review during Alain & Natalie Briot's workshop

"Action" shots

Bodie selfies

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