10 Reasons to Buy

1 – I take as much care in producing my art as I do in the care of my patients.

2 – All materials are museum-quality and conservation-grade. This means that you get a work of art that will be a life-long investment and treasure.

3 – I guarantee complete satisfaction with your purchase and offer a no-questions-asked-30-day refund if you’re unhappy.

4 – I personally produce all my art up to 22″ x 48″, and the printing of larger prints is personally supervised with my custom printer.

5 – I present unique perspectives on places in Colorado and the southwest US.

6 – Because of the technical quality inherent in my work. I guarantee the artwork will not fade. If it does, it will be replaced for free.

7 – Because of the quality of my artistic work, if there is a defect in framing or matting, I will replace the piece for free.

8 – Each piece is unique. While I may photograph places may be easily accessible, I present a perspective that is unique to my own personal style and vision.

9 – I present a work of art that transforms nature and will refund your money if that is not true.

10 – My guarantees are some of the highest available.

I most importantly care that you have a valued, life-long treasure and art investment.