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February 15, 2019: new section for Shows and Exhibitions

I've made it easier to see what prints are at certain shows and exhibitions. These can be seen under the new SHOWS menu item.

2019/01/18: Up and running with the new site!

After months of frustration and unnecessary expense trying to get my Wordpress and Woocommerce site up and running to my liking, I finally gave up and asked Jack Brauer for help. His guidance has gotten me back on track to being a photographic artist and not a web designer, worrying about the next Wordpress or Woocommerce update and all the plug-ins, additional costs for necessary services (like anti-spam protection), need for programming help, and yearly subscription fees.

Although I had to rebuild my new site from scratch, the transition was remarkably smooth as photo, gallery, and blog post entries are consistently incorporated to my satisfaction. I could bring my post content over with simple copy-and-paste, and the galleries were very easy to construct and import.

His sites are designed to display a photographer's work, and all entries are focused on the images and galleries. That is what I am all share the images of my experience.

As other users of Jack's services have said, this is clearly the most cost-effective means to getting online and displaying, as well as selling, one's work and being able to maintain the primary focus of being an artist. I am glad Jack can bridge the developer and artist dichotomy and bless the rest of us with the opportunity of sharing our work online.

I could not be happier!

New Website!

Welcome to the online galleries of Terry Gipson. We hope you enjoy the new website!

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