The Journey Into Art: Writing About Creativity

January 18, 2020
transformed aspen forest #1

I have read a lot about creativity and even tried to write about it myself.

I have concluded that talking about and writing about creativity is like walking around a well and only describing what is in it with the simple term "water".

I think the word creativity is meant to describe something indescribable. And something that can only be experienced.

For me expressing experience is the basis of my art.

But how do I express my experience?

Creating art is the only way I know. It allows the production of something that started as an intangible.."water".

It is definitely creative. That creativity must be expressed in a tangible form to be real. For me it is in the final print and not talked about very well.

Creativity happens continuously as we work our way through life. But artistic creativity must be expressed as a tangible entity to be a reality. That's where the difficulty of art comes. It needs to be made tangible.

Perhaps as we continue to understand how our brains work, we will understand creativity. But that is still understanding and not experience.

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