The Journey Into Art: There Are Times...

...when quiet, solitude,season, sky, the land and plants, and the weather come together in the right place and when I am in the right mind. This time was certainly not by my choice or design. It was simply that I was there at right time...and in the right mind.

I could never have planned this time as I did not even know it existed before this evening. That's the problem with nature.

There are times when location, inspiration, and light combine to become a sacred moment of experience and inspiration. It becomes a moment when photographic inspiration tries to bring that experience to the tangible.

I was on a workshop with Alain and Natalie Briot. Part of this evening's photo shoot was at a place called Muley Point. It is a high overlook stretching miles irregularly to the east and west as the southern edge of Cedar Mesa in Utah, looking outward to Monument Valley in the south. To the south-southwest was Navajo Mountain. To the far right were the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.

It was spring. There were plants blooming. I couldn't resist the opportunity to compose images with the plants in the foreground and Monument Valley in the background. Monument Valley would be the same next week, but the plants would not.

Spring in the Southwest is painfully short-lived. I was here at the right time of the day and the right season. It was the time for slowly moving clouds that allowed the sun to shed bands of light across the lands. There was always one place lit brightly and others around it that were in shadow.

It is to me sometimes hard to know what to do with experiences like this. Something in me wants to just sit on the edge and be part of the day as it progresses. Another part wants to bring back something in a tangible form. Since I was with other photographers, and I had all my gear, the latter part of me won out.

It is rare to be able to have more than one good image from a photo shoot. This time I had multiple ones that make up a nice collection. I chose the format of near-far for all of these images, for to me what was at my feet was as important as what was in the background...if not more so.

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