The Journey Into Art: The Film Vs Digital Paradigm Shift.

July 7, 2019
Capital Reef morning

a sunrise outside of Torrey Utah

IF you do the following, you are following a film paradigm (while shooting with a digital camera):

1. You do nothing to the image that comes out of the camera and print without processing.

2. You only adjust the color and contrast during processing of the image.

3. You have someone else print your work.

IF you do the following, you are following a digital paradigm:

1. You do much more in Lightroom and Photoshop or whatever image processing software you have to your image than just adjust the saturation and contrast. That means altering the forms and colors and contrasts in your image to fit your artistic vision as much as possible. As of this post, I consider Lightroom and Photoshop to offer the broadest array of creative options available.

2. You alter and process and print the image to your liking, artistic style, and preferences that are uniquely yours.

3. You spend more time processing your images than you do taking them.

Which paradigm do you follow?

I am a believer that a serious photographic artist prints their own work. A seller of photography does not.

Sellers of photography do several things.

1. They make people think that photographic art is easily obtained.

2. They make people think that photographic art is easy and inexpensive to produce.

3. They make people think that just taking pictures with any camera can make them an artist.

4. Lastly they make people think that posting a nice picture online constitutes fine art.

Those who see their work as first an artist and secondarily a photographer strive to imbue their soul in their work. That is the hard part of photography, if that is your desire.

(Many thanks to years of teaching from Alain Briot to get me to understand these ideas. They have now become the foundation of my work.)

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