The Journey Into Art: Memory Of Switzerland

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Memory of Switzerland

I went to Switzerland to hike from Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland.

For two days we walked in low and enveloping clouds.

There is something that happened as I walked in the clouds for those days.

I couldn't see very far.

When I could see far away, it is like through a window that covered over in a minute.

Walking through a mist that at times limited vision to 200 feet is a bit eerie. You can see the trail, but not the destination. Not only that, but you can’t see the next turn in the trail or rise in the ridge.

It was a day of not seeing. Not seeing is more common that we suspect.

Even though I may see with my eyes, I may not grasp the greater meaning of this time. Yet this time I saw what was before me in a very basic, almost primal way. It was like what I experience on the edge of my consciousness. I cannot see beyond what I know and what I see. There is certainly more, but I can’t see it and hence can’t know it.

These two days were moving and rare.

It was rare to see something outside that mirrored a deep, frequently marginally conscious experience that is present daily.

Sometimes the experience in nature reveals ways that we perceive meaning in our lives.

So it was with this time.

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