The Journey Into Art: San Juans In The Fall - Day 3 Holly Group Pueblo

November 20, 2020

What in the world were they doing building something so beautiful on a rock???

They say it was for a structure to retreat to in the event of an attack. That sounds very plausible to me, given the description of the times. But what about food to eat for the siege and going to the bathroom?

But what if someone wanted to do it just to prove a point or because they lost a bet or for the sake of art or religious meaning. What if? They and we will never know. That is too bad, because the skill that went into these buildings has lasted 750 years. That is far more than many of our current structures.

It gives me pause to think how temporal many of my acts are in this life. Although the daily events of these people will never be known, we know that they made these structures, and they have endured. As to the aspects of their daily life, we can only imagine.

These people seemed to think of their living centers as mutable. They left after only 30-50 years and moved to the south and southeast, becoming the people we now call the Puebloans. They seemed to have done this in all the places they inhabited along the way to their current dwellings. It is as if they could bring from the earth a new home as they moved.

For many of those native to this land their heritage is their past, and these places hold religious significance.

All religions have sacred places in their past that hold meaning and significance. Those of us from other places and other religions should honor these places as we would our own.

The posts in this structure have been dated to around 1250 CE.