The Journey Into Art: San Juans In The Fall - Day 2 Along The Upper Dolores River

October 23, 2020

The luminous quality of the light shining through the leaves of the aspen and cottonwood cannot be expressed except in picture. On a clear day like today it is so bright, you must shield your eyes. But you don't want to, as it would diminish the radiance.

There is so much brightness that the colors glow with a color not seen at other times of the year. It is captivating and alluring. It is what makes this time of year so special.

On a cloudless day like this one, it is so bright that the land is bathed in the blue from the sky and the reflected yellows from every direction. It is a remarkably lithe experience to walk in this kind of light.

I wanted to hold it in my hands and stop the day from passing. Thankfully time stood still long enough to allow me the chance to find a way to bring these colors home.

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