The Journey Into Art: San Juans In The Fall - Day 1

October 18, 2020

This was the first dedicated time photographing in almost a year.

This year I explored the western San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. Despite years of living here I had spent little time in that area. Last year I explored the northwest portion of this range.

Given all the circumstances of the year, it was refreshing to set a course for the day but otherwise have no agenda. I would stop where I wanted and photograph. I could explore a side road that looked interesting. I could begin to remember opportunities of spontaneity.

This project is from the first day of this dedicated time for my photography.

It is now two weeks since I have returned and had time to go through the process of selecting images for this project. Although scattered along the 120 miles of travel this day, these images display the best of what I saw and wanted to share.

One cannot think of Colorado fall without thinking of the changing aspen. I was blessed to be here at the height of the color change. If one does not like yellow, then fall in Colorado is not for you.

Yellow defines this time of year in Colorado. It is cherished for its transience and uncertainty. We do not know when or how long the changing will occur, so each year holds something different.

As I drove through central Colorado, many of the iconic places for fall colors showed only bare and fallen leaves. Fall had passed those places. Yet here it was prime time. I suppose it is like chasing the fall colors from New Hampshire to North Carolina in the east. One starts in the north and goes south.

There were two elements during this time that captured my vision - the tall white trunks of the aspen and the carpets of colors.

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