The Journey Into Art: Questions About My Work #5 _ What Camera Gear Do You Use?

April 25, 2019

This is the fifth of a series of 5 posts expanding on questions people had asked me when discussing my work and artistic experiences at a recent show. They are published as part of the exploration of my creative life.

When photographers start talking about their gear, my mind goes numb and my eyes glaze over. In their minds it seems to boil down to which camera can take the best pictures. The classic answer to that seemingly cataclysmic dilemma is... the camera in your hand.

Art enters photography when the artist alters what the capturing device records and develops it into their own print.

I don't care so much about what camera gear a photographer uses, as much as what that person does with the image after capture.

I don't want to get into the "what is art?" discussion, but there is a clear distinction between the work of a photographer who alters the final image to express an artistic vision and the work of someone who just shows what comes out of the camera.

As far as I am concerned almost any camera system can take good pictures, including most smartphones. The only issue that needs to be considered is how big you want your prints to be, because that issue determines how much resolution you need. But even resolution is becoming less of a concern with some of the new software that can intelligently enlarge images with amazing clarity.

That makes what camera system one uses even less important than before. Just get a system that you like and lets you take the pictures you want. If it's a smart phone, great! If it's a $50k+ Phase One system, great! Just show me your prints.

So this is what I use:

Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 5DSR, Fuji X-T2 (for handheld work)

Lenses: Canon f2.8 16-35 mm, Canon f2.8 24-70 mm, Canon f2.8 70-200 mm, Zeiss f3.5 18 mm

Tripod: Induro Stealth Carbon Fiber 3 section, Arca Swiss ball head.

Hope that helps!

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