Print Of The Month

When a new print of the month is announced, there is a 20% discount for the month of announcement.

This print is available matted or framed matted fine art prints. It is hand signed on the mat and the print. A certificate of authenticity is placed on the back of the mat board.

The print is matted to museum standards in a mat hinged to a backing board. The print is attached to the mat with plastic corners, meaning that no tape touches the print. The print is not dry mounted, because dry mounting is not reversible. The mounting technique I use is completely archival, because the print can be removed from the mat simply by lifting it off. This also means that the print will not wrinkle or warp depending on different humidity levels, because it has room to expand freely not being attached with tape. This 100% archival mounting is used by museums worldwide and is preferred to all other types of matting and mounting of photographic art.