The Journey Into Art: Mono Lake Grasses

October 23, 2021  |  California

Mono Lake grasses

Mono Lake grasses 3

One windy June afternoon I was wandering along a boardwalk over a delicate grassland near the shore of Mono Lake. Laid down in the field was last year's grasses and up through them came this year's green stalks. The winds were gusty. The grasses bowed before them in ways that showed a beautiful dance between the stillness of the old grass beneath and the unpredictable movement of this year's green stalks. There was the lithe and the still, as if the new grasses were dancing around the old ones. The grasses underneath had their turn last year. It was now time for the new growth to dance before the wind.

I wondered how I could express my delight at being there in the midst of a delicate field of old and new growth with the wind flowing through. How could I express all three of those experiences in one print? How could I make a print show movement and delight?

This is part of the continuing evolution of my work.

Each image was processed separately and then blended with 1 or 2 others. The subsequent combined image was further processed to get the final print.

I began to add multiple images together and blend them in various ways as a means of adding layers of interest and complexity. Each print has a different appreciation from farther away than when up closer.

This process allows for more creative expression in each print and continues my work at the intersection of photography, print making, and my experiences in nature. Where these three meet is my art.

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