The Journey Into Art: March 2020 Print Of The Month

March 1, 2020
March 2020 print of the month

March 2020 print of the month

I have begun to move into work that looks more closely at the land at my feet.

I have always thought that capturing the big landscape was most important. But over the last decade I found that I was producing what everyone else was producing, the grand landscape. I had certainly established my own style of art, but I wanted to look closer at what was less appreciated...the world at my feet.

I have always said that the view of the world at my feet was as important as the grand view. But it was not until recently that I could begin to focus on the world most close to me. I suppose some things in the soul must ripen before they can be pursued.

It was not until I began diligently processing my work during several projects over the last year that I finally felt capable of capturing the small landscape and what has been termed the intimate landscape.

I like the word intimate, as it speaks for an immediacy and closeness.

One of these projects resulted in a folio called the intimate landscape, which is part of a trio of folios from the past year of new work and new direction in my photography.

The focus on the world at my feet is a new direction for me. For many years I had to follow others showing me grand landscape to begin to discover my own vision. Now I can be free to explore the world that is near at hand.

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