The Journey Into Art: March 2018 Print Of The Month - March 1, 2018

March 2018 - Great Sand Dunes morning
March 2018 print of the month

The Great Sand Dunes is an interesting place in that the road to the Park goes to the southeast corner of the dune field and stops. You can proceed along a sandy road along the east side of the dunes but only with a high clearance vehicle.

Otherwise one has to walk along and into the dunes. The most remote part of the dune field requires a minimum of 4-5 mile one way trek. Most people stay around the campground and picnic areas on the southeast corner, so it is fairly easy to wander into solitude.

This morning I spent exploring the southern edge of the dune field where there are new dunes being formed by the back and forth motion of the winds.

As mentioned in a previous post, I had returned here to get my artistic mojo back. Returning to a more elemental level of seeing required me to focus on the most simple of forms, the line. Here there was an abundance of lyrical lines, and the only decision was how to capture them artistically.

As I walked that morning I came upon this dune that was seemingly isolated and highlighted by the morning's glancing light. This image continues to remind me of that return to a simpler appreciation of what's in front of me.