The Journey Into Art: June 2018 Print Of The Month - June 1, 2018

This month's print of the month is significant for several reasons.

First and technically, I learned how to make an object glow, as if the light came from the inside. Metaphorically and artistically this was a major advance for me, as I have always wanted to know how to do that. It will allow me to be a better story-teller.

For what is art without a good story behind it?

Secondly, it is another image from a slot canyon, albeit a lesser-known one from the usual ones. Despite having walked many of these, I still find them enthralling and inspiring, even when returning to the same one later.

This image was taken mid-morning in Rattlesnake Canyon in Arizona. It is one of those places that requires a Navajo guide to see. While walking in these depths, there was a place when the light shown on some of the rock and left all the rest in reflected light. At the time of image capture, I was taken by its appearance. But not until I returned to review and process my images did I see in greater clarity what had attracted me.

I have always been taken by the ideas of "shining through" or "a light from within." As I worked on this print, I came to see that it indeed did show a light from within.

Something seems to occasionally shine through our immediate perception of reality and leave a disturbed feeling that there may be something more in our presence than is easily seen.