The Journey Into Art: July 2019 Print Of The Month

July 1, 2019
morning above Escalante Canyon

Driving around the Escalante area in Utah, one is met often with bland flatness or that same old red you see all over the Southwest. Yet a turn in the road or view around a corner can show a dramatically changed landscape.

On the way to Boulder from Escalante one descends into a different world in the Escalante River Canyon. It is wide but entirely engulfed in cream-colored sandstone. The red sandstone layers are left behind as one descends into an area marked only by the road built in the 1930's.

It is puzzling in its colors as well as the remarkable amount of lines in the sandstone, undulating and moving in response to decades of wind, sand, and water erosion.

I had to remember that these rocks were once sands from other rocks. I don't know how many rock to sand to rock cycles there have been, but its consideration left my head befuddled.

One of the great things about landscape photography is that you get to watch the sun rise. There is something new every minute or two. And no two trips to the same place are the same. One has to just watch and be attentive to see what will be gone in the next moment.

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