The Journey Into Art: Four Years Of Prints Of The Month

July 16, 2021  |  various

On a whim I decided to see when I started the Print of the Month series. I was astounded to see that it was over four years ago (four years and four months to be precise)!! Alain Briot had encouraged me years ago to make that artistic commitment. So here I am with 53 Prints of the Months!

June 2021 print of the month

This series is the most succinct chronicle of my artistic journey to date, showing movement from sharing unusual moments in nature to the current projects. These projects are where I express my experiences in visual language which are emotionally meaningful to me whether in nature or other parts of my life.

March 2021 print of the month

I am delighted to share this collection of my journey. Click the View Slideshow button to enjoy a from-the-present-backwards series or go to page 4, select the first image and click the left arrow to move from the original ones to the present.

As always I am grateful for you being a part of my journey!