The Journey Into Art: Focusing And Limiting One's Work Allows For Greater Creativity

November 9, 2019

These words "focusing and limiting one's work allows for greater creativity" are some of the most misunderstood and disbelieved words I have ever heard. How can limiting oneself result in greater creativity? That make no sense, right? Greater freedom should result in greater creativity.

I too thought these words were truly wacko. Yet as I have continued to work and walk this journey, there is now no question about the truth of that statement.

Squeezing down one's options makes one be more creative to achieve a good image. Shooting everything that interests me has produced consistently mediocre images. Yet limiting myself results in more unique work than I could have imagined.

So what do I mean about focusing one's work. For me that means when I go to shoot the sunrise, I choose something that interests me and ONLY shoot that.

For instance, I go on a photo shoot and like the light shining on the spires in Bryce Canyon. So I only shoot examples of light shining on the spires. I shoot nothing else even though there are lots of other elements and subjects present.

By only shooting the light though the spires I have to think about what would be interesting and creative in the next shot from the previous ones. That pushes my mind and vision to seek something unique in the next shot.

Those initially strange words are now words I live by in my photographic journey.