The Journey Into Art: February 2020 Print Of The Month

February 6, 2020
February 2020 print of the month

While wandering along Oak Creek, south of Sedona, I came to see an enticing site, a beautiful oak leaf in a small pool of water in the sandstone bedrock. Staring more I saw the reflection of the surrounding fall trees.

This image continued to come to mind as I looked through my past work, until I finally took it seriously and began working it toward a print.

I was captivated by the scene at my feet, but it also included more than I could see looking down. I would see a reflection, in this case something that was not initially fully appreciated at the time I captured the image.

Life seems often like that. There is something more present than I initially perceive. Only with a bit of percolating in my insides do I come back to see a more complete vision of this moment. Reflections may or may not clearly show what is really there. In this case I inserted my own ideas about what was there in the reflection.