The Journey Into Art: February 2018 Print Of The Month - February 1, 2018

Windy Ridge Bristlecone Pine Preserve is one of many stands of bristle cone pines in Colorado. Over the years while hiking we have frequently come across them at timberline. Once you get used to their distinct trunk patterns, you'll start to see them all over.

The oldest of the trees in this stand is between 900-1200 years old. The oldest known bristlecone is in the Patriarch Stand in California and dated over 4500 years old.

There is something about their longevity that is particularly attractive to me. Much of life is so transient and temporary that seeing something many lifetimes older than me seems to put me in my place in the universe.

This morning was a chilly fall morning with clouds covering the valleys below. I came across this particular tree and started laughing. It looked like it was dancing! I couldn't help but bring something home of the experience of surprising delight in the wee morning hours before the sun rose.

I was also left wondering, "How many years had this dance been frozen in time?"