The Journey Into Art: Clouds Series

November 29, 2021  |  Abiquiu, New Mexico
Clouds 1

The Clouds series

I was captivated by the clouds in northern New Mexico when I spent some time in Abiquiu. I always liked clouds and had wanted to do a series on them. However the more I gazed, the more I felt it was time to make that project a reality. It was also a way to make tangible the deeper experiences of that time.

During my time there, I noticed the clouds were consistently lower and closer to the land than elsewhere. I expected it to change, but it did not. It was the same day after day.

The closeness fostered a sense of intimacy I had not seen elsewhere. The clouds were close to the land, not far up in the sky. I even thought they might be engaging in some wordless conversation.

There was a daily sense of intimacy. It was a closeness that was subtle yet altered the way I moved on the land. As I roamed, I looked to the sky to be a part of my wandering, not some distant observer.

In other places the clouds are far above, too high to be a part of my littleness on the land. It is rare to see the clouds so consistently close to the land as here. Not engulfing nor being so far up as to be in their own world.

Here they seemed to move over the land in that conversation heard only by the other.

When I returned to the studio, I wanted to say something of that whimsical imagination I experienced in those days. What in the world were they saying to each other??

Unlike the Mono Lake grasses and the Bodie Textures series, combining images didn’t say what I wanted.

So I created this fantastical series of impressions and emotion from a single image of the clouds I encountered during my time in Abiquiu.

More series are planned from this time as it produced a breadth of rich experience. But that is for another day.

Clouds 4