The Journey Into Art: Before And After Series #2

June 7, 2019

This is the second in a series of Before and After images that shows what came out of the camera and what subsequently went on paper. This series was spurred by several issues. First was that people regularly ask me if the print was "manipulated." The simple answer is, "Yes and drastically." The second is that a number of people have asked what the original image looks like.

The first post was a bit long, so I trimmed this one (and subsequent ones) down to the major edit points.

These are the original 5 images taken to be merged into a larger panorama in Lightroom. No changes have been made on importing into Lightroom except some minor sharpening.

This is the merged image in Lightroom. I did not use the Boundary Warp correction for concern about losing content in the upper left and lower right corners. I decided to alter the dimensions later in Photoshop.

This is the image exported into Photoshop after some basic Lightroom adjustments.

evening storm over the Grand Canyon

This is the final image after processing in Photoshop. It looks best as a 24" x 60" canvas wrap. Click on the image above to see the print options for purchasing.

A companion piece to this one is the Creation print made during the same evening. You can find that one here.


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