The Journey Into Art: Before And After #8 - Mono Lake Grasses 3

October 27, 2021  |  California, Colorado
Mono Lake grasses 3
Mono Lake grasses 3

Many have asked from what images did my current work start. Since I have ventured farther and farther from the beaten path of traditional landscape photography, I have resurrected the Before and After series to show what I am doing with my work.

Here is the first in this new series from the recent project Mono Lake grasses.

All of my work starts in nature capturing myriad images. Later in the studio I process some of them to get to the final print of the best of them.

My process has evolved significantly over the last few years and will be reviewed in another series.

These are the stages of transformation of Mono Lake grasses 3.

The Mono Lake grasses project prints are a combination of 2-3 images into a new one. Each image is individually processed and then combined with the others. The final combined image is them processed further to its final state.

Here are the first two images from the camera without significant alteration.

Image 1

Image 2

Transformed images 1 and 2 combined

After some early color adjustments

After more color and contrast adjustments

The final image after even more color processing. Ready for printing.

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