The Journey Into Art: Before And After #11 - Bodie Textures 2

November 13, 2021  |  California and Colorado
Bodie Textures 2

This post shows the evolution of original images into the final print. Three images were combined and worked on in various ways to achieve the final result. This took many hours of experimentation. Yet the lessons learned carried over into the rest of the project.

The initial digital images were of close-ups of the outside of buildings in the mining ghost town of Bodie, California.

The three images were these. I used one image twice, reversing it to combine with its other. This resulted in very subtle variations in texture. I came to see other means of combining the same image in creative ways, but I had to do it this way in order to see the other possibilities. That is the way learning goes in the nether-lands of creating new work!

The combination of the two similar images was then transformed and merged with the image on the right to get the final result...of course after a bit more work.

This is the first transformed image of the combined center and left image.

The combined image above was then combined with the image on the right and resulted in this. Notice how this resulted in a very dull and low contrast image. (This is an important aspect of my processing. To achieve the look I want, it is much easier to start working with a low contrast image.)

This final combined image was further transformed. It resulted not only in very subtle variations in the textures but also a more pleasing arrangement of lines.

Further transformation of the lines and overall contrast resulted in this. Notice how just increasing the contrast resulted in increasing the saturation of the colors in the image.

At this point I felt I had worked on the form of the image enough. It was time to move on with the more color and contrast processing. I now had this image.

After further color and contrast work, I now had the final image. Voila!

Bodie Textures 2