The Journey Into Art: August 2019 Print Of The Month

August 1, 2019
August 2019 print of the month

This was a soft evening in early June at Devil's Garden outside of Torrey Utah. The forms and colors of the Garden and evening were rare and inviting.

I was tired from several days of dawn to dusk photo shoots and found the quiet meandering among these peculiar shapes on the north side of a wide draw refreshing. Simple trails lead between arches, into narrows, and to rounded sandstone mounds that allowed a view of all of the "garden".

There was plenty of time to soak in the silliness of being a photographer in this wild and strange land. It was spring, and there was green to complement the other colors. Much of the year there is no green. So a delightful bit of gratitude seeped into my soul. I was indeed here at a rare time.

These weird shapes and forms were made even more surreal by my current exploration into curving all the straight lines and adding a bit of rhythm to the scene...a bit of a happy dance, if you will. The color palette was also soothing. The evening sun, the greens-reds-blues-yellows, tired feet, and a chance to recharge a creative view of this wonderful world.