The Journey Into Art: August 2017 Print Of The Month - August 1, 2017

August 2017 - White Sands sandstorm
August 2017 print of the month

This month's print of the month is part of a breakthru series of images I created at White Sands National Monument in southeast New Mexico, outside of Alamogordo. "Breakthru" means one of those "ah-ha" moments when the light turns on and a new way of seeing or understanding happens. My time at White Sands was one of those times.

At the time I had been struggling trying to understand what artists meant when using the concepts of color and form and trying to apply it to my photography. Those concepts sounded pretty clear and straightforward, but feedback about my previous work showed that I did not have a consistent understanding or application of those ideas.

It was not very clear to me until I went to White Sands and saw the shape of the dunes. Here the lines in the dunes were more clear and defining. I slowly began to see line as a form in the image and use them like any other element or form. It was eye-opening and transforming.

This and next month's print of the month are from this breakthru time, where I began to understand what all these artists were talking about. It should have been more simple, but somehow the wiring got stuck in the wrong circuit until I moved it to the next one over.