The Journey Into Art: April 2020 Print Of The Month

April 1, 2020
April 2020 water splits sandstone

April 2020 print of the month

Water seems so innocuous. It seems to make us wet and uncomfortable when caught in the rain. It seems so benign when we are in the shower. We don't though think much about it when we are dry.

But here the water has over millenia carved a line in this sandstone. It makes its mark eventually.

The orange and yellow and green remind me that this is a part of life...and it was here at my feet.

I did not have to look to the grand landscape to see what life was about. Here I could see that elements were changing other elements by their interaction, and life was growing in its midst.

To be able to perceive the reality and grandness of life is a rare event. It probably max'es out our brain's capacity. Yet sometimes it can be briefly held in an image.

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