The Journey Into Art: April 2019 Print Of The Month

April 9, 2019

Time wandering alone in the wilderness often leaves me open to awe, expectancy, and hope. Moving around a new turn in the path or over the next little hill or moving 30 feet to the right or left presents a new experience and new vision. At these times it is most important to be still and just see what the land and sky has to offer. It is a gift only appreciated in the silence of seeing.

Today I had wandered over a low hill to a place I had been the year before. Previously the sky was clear and left little to contrast against the great horizontal-ness of the land. The images were hard to shape into something engaging.

Yet, tonight the sky met me with an intensity that reflected my excitement in seeing the breadth of colors in front of me. It was as if some huge painting was being formed as I watched from my little perch on a small outcrop overlooking a dry sandy wash.

The abundance of colors and slowly merging forms in the sky this evening was a welcome reminder of the abundance of life and possibilities of experience.

Sometimes there is such overwhelming beauty before me that I think it was all there just for if life had something to say to me personally in this moment.

April 2019 eastern Arizona sunset

April 2019 - eastern Arizona sunset